Sunday, 29 May 2016

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Pixie cottages!

After a long few weeks of having no craft time I have finally been able to get creative & make something!
I loved making still needs to be finished but am nearly there.
Upcycling at its best! Will add one of pixies & I am done.
Have another three on the go that need to be finished ready for up-coming fayres.
Will add some pictures to this post when they are finished.
I may just keep one for myself!

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Pixie madness I am obsessed with making these.
I have to admit to being a little proud of myself for having a go & not doing too badly (in my opinion).
It took hours (OK...more like weeks) to get one to look even halfway decent. I had some major issues with hair. I am really struggling to get to grips with the whole hair thing. Its tough.
They are not super fancy or works of art but they are mine, & I love them.
Getting good feedback so thats positive.
I still have so much to learn & I so want to master this skill....I am on a mission.
There is something so magical about these little cuties, they have personality.
I am going to keep practicing & keep learning (no doubt from the 1001 mistakes I will make), I have plans....big ones LOL. There is soo much more I want to do.
Right now though it is very late & I need my beauty sleep. So goodnight all.